a conference for young women

established in 2006


Way back in 2006 I was in my first year of ministry as a youth pastor. I had such a heart to share with young girls about how to walk in purity and how truly beautiful they were. I started dreaming up a conference for them. The idea behind the name came from the thought that the girls needed to almost flush their minds of what the world was trying to tell them about how to look, think and act. Like flushing a pink toilet.... LOL! Now we don't use the toilet in our imagery today, that is just the history of the name. I get asked all the time over the years what  The Pink Lid means? There you go ladies! 

So in 2006, I asked some of my close friends from college to come and speak to the teen girls. We had 40 girls at our first conference and it was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together with my friends from college we did another conference in 2007 and 2008. Then in 2009 we began to travel to churches who wanted to host The Pink Lid. Myself and 7 of my closest friends would do the speaking, worship, fashion show, and much more. We had such a passion to share the truth with girls about how much God loved them. We started doing 6 events per year at different churches all over the country. We would hop in a van and drive to whichever church had us in. We didn't make a dime, we just loved sharing with the girls and seeing their lives changed. 

Fast forward to 2012, my husband and I moved to South Florida. When we moved here I had it on my heart to stop traveling with it and plant it right here in South Florida annually for girls. So in May of 2012 we held the very first conference here in SoFlo and that was just the start. We have held it annually since then. 

We have had so much fun along the way and we have seen so many girls discover their worth! My favorite part of this journey is running into girls who attended The Pink Lid years ago and hearing how it impacted and changed the course of their lives. 

You are now part of the story.


Alyssa Shull

Alyssa is the founder of The Pink Lid and author of ‘Purely Beautiful: A Young Woman’s Guide To Knowing Her Worth.’ She graduated in 2008 from Oral Roberts University with a degree in multimedia productions. Alyssa and her husband Matt have been in full-time ministry for 14 years. They pastor City Lift Church in the Fort Lauderdale area. Her greatest joy is being mommy to Audrianna & Zealand.


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